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Metro Cable Network - Channel 6


We are the Twin Cities local, non-affiliated cable network. On this web site you'll find program schedules and information on how to add programs to the broadcast lineup. MCN6 serves the seven county metro public by providing access for their programs to be seen simultaneously on metro area cable systems on channel 6. Studio and field production services are available.


MCN6 Membership Benefits


Low cost air time at affordable rates - Low channel number attracts more viewers - Reaches seven county metro area, over 600,000 cable subscribers - Create and be a part of a diverse community programming - Eleviates having to - send programs to other cable access community channels - Non-commercial uninterrupted programs provides your unedited message to the community - Capability for live interactive call-in programs - Professional staff


Video Production  |  Editing  | Motion Graphics


1500 Square Foot Studio  |  Green Screen  | Full Light Grid


Professional Staff

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Incorporated as: Twin Cities Regional Cable Channel, Inc. A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Company